Translating Creative Vision into New World Realities





The Center for International Cooperation (CIC)
is dedicated to the well being of planet Earth.

CIC's creative initiatives foster thought and action
that further cooperation among all life.

CIC is an NGO, a non-governmental organization,
on the Roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Projects and Programs

The Sanctuary School

Where Heart-Based Education is a Way of Life

The Sanctuary School (TSS) is CIC's educational program for children, teens and adults. It offers a model for education whereby each child's sense of purpose is nurtured and supported. Through an online curriculum of specially designed elective courses, children and youth receive a foundation in kind living and love of nature. Studies focus on decision-making, peacemaking and leadership development; trained teachers guide students to express their highest potential. This enhances learning abilities and introduces the heart-mind connection into the educational process.

For more information, visit The Sanctuary School's website at


Pink Ribbon Project

Expanding humanity's awareness of animals' tremendous contribution to the healing of Earth and all peoples

The Pink Ribbon Project was inspired by Delphi, a golden retriever, in partnership with Marilyn Mosley, Executive Director of Laurel Springs School and President of the Global 500 Environmental Forum. Its mission is to link children in partnership with the earth through environmental clubs promoting kindness, compassion and respect for all life, and to foster a greater understanding and awareness of the United Nations.

The project's other purpose, which is symbolized by the wearing of a pink ribbon, is to let everyone know that dogs can speak. Kids Clubs can be formed to support children who believe in communication with animals, and who want to foster unity with all life. For information about starting a Kids Club, please contact us.

T-shirts, posters and caps can be purchased in support of this project. Visit for more information.


Earth Treaty Project

Emphasizing your personal commitment with Mother Earth to care for our planet

The Earth Treaty Project had its beginning in the EarthWalk Conference initiated by CIC in 1989. This conference focused on the planet and the threatened environment from the perspective of indigenous and tribal elders.

Children in particular have been involved with this project. Many children's treaties were included in CIC's Earth Treaty presentation at the 1992 Global Forum in Brazil. Earth Treaties have been written in schools, churches and businesses.

For information on initiating the Earth Treaty Project in your school or organization, please contact us.


Children's Peace Gardens Project

Building trust and cross-cultural communication through environmental and peace education

The Children's Peace Gardens Project is envisioned as a vehicle for reconciliation and a pronounced shift in perspective in areas of daily or deep-seated conflict. It seeks to bring young people together to build lasting partnerships through peace and environmental education.

For more information about these programs, please contact:

Center For International Cooperation

P.O. Box 2481

Grants Pass, OR 97528

The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational, charitable organization.